Latex and Foam Creature Cosplay

As well as solid resin pieces, I have a history of making large, characterful sculpted full heads.

Each mask was originally sculpted from scratch in either WED clay of Monster Clay for their client, or for myself. Then with their moulds created, they are cast with an latex skin and expanding foam inside for support and comfort.

These are an more involved process than a lot of mask creation, however, the benefits of longevity, reuse and detail all happily make up for the extra effort.

Cosplay Resin Masks

Over the years I have been commissioned to both make custom resin masks for customer, and also made masks in bulk myself to sell to many enthused customers.

Most of these masks are out of production now, their moulds having served for many years. Though if one does take your fancy you can likely either ask directly to see if the mould is still serviceable or request a new sculpt custom only to you.

Some of these masks, namely the Reaper and Roadhog masks have been replicated tens of times over multiple years. With the Reaper mask showing up in a surprising video production after being purchased from myself over Etsy by an adult actor or his production crew.

Vicki Veck AKA Otterly Tiffin

You can just call me Tiffin, or Tiff for short.

This is going to be a live history of my completed pieces of work so you can browse what I’ve made in the past and see if anything like that is something you would like made for you.

I’m a Model Maker, and High Concept costume maker of 9+ years with experience ranging from sculpting, moulding and casting, to 3D modelling, 3Dprinting, electronics and professional grade quality of finish. Having worked for both industrial, media and private clients I have a diverse range of unique creative skills.