Sergal Head Base W/ Optional Mouth Details


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Sergal Resin Head Base for Fursuit Making with MOUTH DETAIL

This is a sculpted, moulded and cast rotocast polyurethane resin fursuit head base.

This has been built to be able to take a set of internal, sculpted upper and lower teeth that slot into each other and can be painted to look realistic, or cartoonish. As with many of my other teeth or castings, they can be cast in any colour, and I have in the past cast the pallets in such a way that the teeth translucent coloured resin and you need to either request this in advance or in the notes on the order.

It is cast out of impact resistant resin, so shouldn’t snap if it’s dropped or sat on. But that doesn’t make it invulnerable, but makes it a lot tougher than PLA printed heads, or indeed a lot of other resin cast bases.

[Warning: As with all hand made, DIY kits, there will be variations with the castings and you will be required to do a degree of work to trim and prepare the item.]

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